You are helping make a change.

We want to create a circular system where creating a product, also means creating a better world to live in and reducing unnecessary harm.
Surf wax historically uses petrochemicals (petrol) and paraffin wax as a base for the past few decades, which is toxic to our reef system (and our bodies). We wanted to get rid of the baddies and do better for Mother Earth - one froth sesh at a time. 
We proudly operate between Bundjalung and Yaegl Country in Northern NSW, Australia and all Yamba home. We thank the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we operate and thrive, and pay our respects to Elders past, present and future. We extend that respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders people who have kept this country beautiful for many generations. 

'I want to change the way things are produced as a base standard... our world deserves better and you really can create amazing quality while going sustainable. The resources we have available, the technology and infrastructure is there waiting to be used.
When I created this brand, I chose the core values and established our stance on these issues first, then sourced outward from there. It isn't hard to do the right thing, no matter how large or small of a scale that is.'
- Rachel, Founder of Shaka Surf Supply

  • We produce petrochemical free, hand made and eco-friendly wax. Every bar is made by our founder in house and all recipes have been controlled to ensure reef safety PH levels and naturally occuring ingredients (such as beeswax and coconut oil)
  • GOTS cerified organic cotton unisex tees
  • We produce our activewear fabrics to order in exact quantity, nothing excessive - we also collect the scraps for recycling or reusing on other products
  • 100% carbon offset fabric production on all activewear fabric
  • Using certified activewear fabrics, with proved data on the environmental results achieved
  • Showing a genuine interest in the adoption, creation and research of new sustainable raw materials, such as wax ingredients, recycled yarns and products
  • Supporting local charities, rather than international (seabins, reforest now)
  • Contracts with small-batch, ethically run manufacturers who care for their employees and provide a safe working environment, health care and leave benefits (or making things ourselves, like our waxes)
  • Stronger, tested and longer lasting fabrics that reduce impact and have recycled components where possible
  • In-office recycling, compost and reducing shipping plastics using compostable mailers
We use bio-degradable, compostable wax wraps, mailing bags, swing tags and compostable boxes (with compostable shipping labels) to ensure there is minimal plastics used in our mailing process. Australia Post can sometimes add tape to packages, so please remove this before composting. Our waxes are wrapped in recycable paper wrap and all keep tins are meant to do just that - keep!


We print our mailing cards on recycled paper, that is also fully compostable.


We also choose to email you a receipt, instead of unnecessary printing. Saving the planet, one tree at a time.


All you have to do, cut up your packaging and add to the compost/green bins - let Mother Nature do the rest.

Thank you for supporting small business

The ShakaSurf Supply team xx